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Camping sold separately. 

  • Do I need to purchase camping access?
    Anyone who wants to enter the campgrounds for any reason must purchase an Admission Pass and a Camp Access Pass to enter the campgrounds.
  • What is allowed and not allowed in the campgrounds?
    ALLOWED Festival wristbands and passes Tent and rain fly Tarp Flag/Balloon to identify your campsite Table Chairs Beverages (no glass containers) Food Ice Coolers (outside food and beverages not allowed in the festival grounds) Generators (must be vented above your camper and off by 2:00 AM) Propane grills (at least 12 inches above the ground or any vegetation) Sunscreen Bug Spray Toilet Paper Towels (showers are available) Small luggage lock (for your tent) Slip n Slide Pool PROHIBITED Illegal substances of any kind Firearms or weapons of any kind Large hammers or sledge hammers Glass containers or bottles of any kind More alcohol than reasonable for personal consumption Open flames on the ground (fires are allowed in a contained fire pit) External speakers (small bluetooth speakers are okay) Refrigerators Carpeting Golf carts, ATV’s, scooters or skateboards Drones or any remote flying devices Fireworks Pets Kegs Off-site firewood (firewood is available for purchase from festival firewood vendor)
  • Is there access to showers?
    Personal showers outside of your camper/RV are NOT permitted. Dumping of illegal gray water is NOT permitted, this will be immediate removal from the festival without refund. Onsite water and pumping of your camper/RV will be available for you to purchase so you can utilize your own showers. Our water/pumping vendor will roll through the campgrounds Saturday morning if you are looking to have your RV/camper serviced. Showers are available at Lake Metigoshe State Park. lando LIVE campers will be charged $7 per vehicle to enter the Lake Metigoshe State Park. lando LIVE will reimburse one vehicle per campsite, for reimbursement please save your State Park pass and bring it to the box office for cash reimbursement!
  • When does camping open/close?
    Camping will open on Friday morning at 10:00am and close Sunday afternoon at 3:00pm.
  • How do I get my RV/camper waste pumped out?
    Our service vendor will roll through the campgrounds Saturday morning, please flag them down for service (for a fee).
  • Are grills allowed?
    If you plan to bring a grill, it must be Electric or Gas fueled and sit at least 12 inches above the ground or any vegetation. No solid fuel grills (i.e. charcoal, wood, etc.) are allowed.
  • Can I bring my own firewood / have a fire?
    Fires are allowed in self-contained fire pits/rings elevated from the ground. Firewood is not allowed to be brought in, firewood MUST be purchased from the official firewood vendor located at the festival. Burning trash/furniture is UNACCEPTABLE. Violating festival fire policies will lead to you being removed from the festival without refund.
  • Can I have a generator at my campsite?
    Yes, generators are allowed. If your RV/camper is equipped with an onboard generator, please consider purchasing a generator exhaust kit (like this one) to route the CO2 out of your own and surrounding campsites. Generators must be separated from all tents by a minimum of twenty (20) feet and protected by approved means. All generators should be vented above the height of your camping unit using an exhaust kit (especially if there are people camping in tents near your generator). Please make sure your RV/camper is equipped with a carbon monoxide detector. If your campsite neighbor is using a generator, please ensure their generator is properly vented to ensure the safety of all campers. ALL GENERATORS MUST BE TURNED OFF BY 2:00 AM FOR QUIET HOURS.
  • Can I rent my own portable bathroom unit for my campsite?
    Yes, portable bathrooms are available to rent. When purchasing your festival & campsite passes, please select the portable bathroom unit add on. The bathroom unit will be dropped off at your campsite upon arrival. Portable bathroom rentals will be closed to purchasing on the website two weeks prior to the festival.
  • Are campsites available with electrical hookups?
    There are no campgrounds equipped with electrical hookups. However, generators are allowed to power your campsite.
  • How are campsites assigned?
    All Festival Campers must have a Festival Camp Access Pass and ONE PERSON in the group (no larger than 6 people per campsite) must have a VIP or General Camping Pass purchased through Camping sites are first-come first-serve upon arrival. You will show up to the camping area with your group, present your Camping Pass and Camp Access Passes which will be scanned, you will then be given a wristband to wear for the entire festival. Your wristband becomes your ticket for entry into the campgrounds during the entire duration of the festival and is not replaceable/non-transferable. Once you pull to the front of the line you are directed into the campground where a 'placer' will lead you to the next best site available. The 'placer' will work with you to find a site that fits your needs. Festival Campsites do NOT have water or electric hookup.
  • I want to camp near friends, is that possible?
    Yes, if you would like to camp together on more than one site you MUST arrive together. ONE PERSON in each campsite group must have a VIP or General Camping Pass. NO EXCEPTIONS. No saving, roping off, or spreading out among sites. If you want to camp beside another group you MUST arrive together.
  • How big are campsites?
    Campsites are measured from one end of the campsite to next nearest campsite. Every campsite is roughly 800 square feet (20’x40’). If your tent, camper, or RV is longer then 40’ from end to end, you will need to purchase additional camping passes to accommodate your tent, camper, or RV. Tongues of campers MUST be facing the road in the campgrounds unless you have purchased enough campsites to have it face a different direction.
  • Is there a maximum limit of people per campsite?
    There can be no more than 6 people per campsite. One of those 6 people will need to have a Camping Pass, ALL individuals will need to have camp access wristbands and festival admission wristbands.
  • Is there a limit for number of vehicles/campers per campsite?
    Yes, each campsite allows for ONE steering wheel or one of the following options: One (1) tent and one (1) vehicle One (1) camper and one (1) vehicle One (1) RV Additional vehicles/campers that exceed this campsite rule will be required to purchase an extra vehicle pass and be designated to park in the camping overflow parking lot, NOT at your campsite.
  • Can I arrive early to camp?
    Festival campgrounds will open Friday at 10am the week of the festival. You will not be permitted into the campgrounds if you arrive earlier.
  • How do I dispose of trash on my campsite?
    In campgrounds there will be a designated trash collection site. You are responsible for ALL trash on your campsite. Campsites need to be kept clean, and free of trash at ALL times. You will get ONE warning about trash on your campsite. After the warning, you will be removed from the festival without refund. All campsites are required to be free of any trash or debris when you exit the campgrounds. If debris/trash is left, you will be fined. ALL GARBAGE MUST BE DISPOSED IN THE CAMPGROUND COLLECTION SITE AND BAGS MUST BE PROPERLY TIED.
  • Are other vehicles allowed on the campgrounds?
    ATVs, golf carts, mopeds, dirt bikes, go-carts or any other off-road or non-licensed vehicles are NOT allowed to be brought into the campgrounds or festival grounds. Only RV/camper units, cars/trucks with proper camping and parking passes are permitted in the campgrounds.
  • Are outside food and drinks allowed in the campgrounds?
    Yes, outside food and drink are allowed in the campgrounds. NO GLASS bottles are allowed in the campgrounds. No outside food or drink is permitted in the festival grounds.
  • Are pools allowed?
    Yes, pools are allowed. To fill your pool, you will have to flag down the water truck and they will fill your pool (for a fee).
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